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[spoiler] Adam Carter - Nitrus - 30-07-2009 02:13 PM

How bummed were you when Adam died? He could have easily stopped the car a bit earlier and got out.... and why couldn't they defuse it?

A sad sad time. lol.

RE: Death of Adam - Tranquility - 07-08-2009 05:08 PM

I usually feel like I'm on my own on spooks forums when I say I was completely gutted when Adam died. I know her was a bit of an annoying character towards the end but I thought her was great in series 4, series 5 he was a bit messed up but you can understand why and I loved him in series 6, the whole Ros/Adam thing was great in my eyes Tongue
You've also got to admit that RPJ is rather hot Wink I did cry a lot and screamed at the TV afterwards for killing him (a regular occurance for me when it comes to spooks, I barely sit down Tongue)

RE: Death of Adam - Nitrus - 07-08-2009 05:10 PM

I was gutted when Adam died.... not for ALL the same reasons as you! Tongue

It was the end of an era!

RE: Death of Adam - bertowud - 07-08-2009 07:47 PM

I may have voted for Tom in the poll, but I'm not happy Adam's dead. He was an interesting character. Just him being the one member of the team who had a kid added tons to his character. Plus, he's probably one of the few reasons my wife tolerates me watching the show. Wink

RE: Death of Adam - CarterReynolds - 07-08-2009 08:18 PM

I was totally gutted when Adam died... after waiting all those months for my Rupert fix he went and got killed!!!! My hubby laughed at my loss as I sat with tears streaming down my face......... just so unfair, at least he died a hero

RE: Death of Adam - Tranquility - 07-08-2009 08:59 PM

At least I'm not alone then Tongue
I cried so much that night, my friend phoned me and thought something terrible had happened >.<

RE: Death of Adam - CarterReynolds - 08-08-2009 07:52 AM

I was prepared for it to happen as I knew he was leaving at some point in the series but I didnt expect it to be so soon Sad Still once I got over the sadness I thoroughly enjoyed the series!

RE: Death of Adam - Tranquility - 08-08-2009 08:19 PM

Yes I have to admit that that series was absolutely brilliant, probably the best in a long time but yeah I knew he was leaving too and I told myself not to cry but it was so well done I just couldn't help myself Tongue

RE: Death of Adam - Juliet Delta - 08-08-2009 11:00 PM

I share everyone's sentiments here. For me total disbelief..I admit I screamed Nooooooo! at the TV with my head in my hands much to the amusement of my other half! Smile For me Adam will be so hard to replace...although Lucas at the end of series 7 has really grown on me. But Adam...well I will miss his realationship with Ros. Those two really were a match not only in terms of being ruthless but also in depth of character. Smile

RE: Death of Adam - Alpha One - 19-08-2009 07:13 AM

It took me a long time to get into S7 after Adam died. Even though I knew it was going to happen, I was absolutely gutted. It was the end of an era and Adam's death left more of a hole in the show than Tom's departure, imo. I wish Adam hadn't died and then we could always have had some hope that RPJ might return at some point. LOL.

I loved the final meeting between Ros and Adam - so short and sweet. I eventually got around to watching the rest of the episodes but the series didn't have the same impact on me until the very last episode.