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3.6 DVD Commentary - lwhite53 - 02-05-2010 10:00 PM

Info from 3.6 DVD commentary:
[Editorial note: This was not a terribly informative commentary. It was done by the director, Justin Chadwick, and there were long stretches where he didn't speak at all, just watched the ep.]
-First time spooks has used non-linear time line -- flashbacks.
-Location: Interview with Police Supt, Harry and Zoe done in the Tate Modern. White band around top of windows was covering up the museum lettering.
-Ben Richard's was the writer for Zoe's last ep.
-Keeley and Richard Harrington (Will North) -- very instinctive actors. Did an excellent job in the very difficult scene between Zoe and Will.
-Kayvan Novak (Ozal) -- one of his first acting jobs. Lots of new faces in this ep -- specific priority of the casting dept.
-Lots of handheld camera work in the ep -- movement, jumping between characters, quick pans.
-Location: Coffee shop (where Ozal beats up guy) and Ozal's office -- Green Lanes.
-People in the coffee shop scene were just regular customers who hung out there. Lighting in the coffee shop was shop's fluorescents -- green tint.
-Location: Zoe's trial -- Old Bailey.
-Halut Bilginer (Celenk) had terrific chemistry with Keeley -- their scenes together were wonderful. He gave a great performance as Celenk -- subtle but threatening and with a slow, measured, menacing voice.
-Ozal actually snorted the fake cocaine -- powdered glucose.
-Peter Firth -- a rock for the cast. A lot of sadness in the scenes with Peter, Keeley and David because they all knew these were their final scenes together on spooks.
-During trial scenes -- kept cutting to Harry because his reactions mirrored the growing sense of doom in the courtroom.
-Zoe's cross-examination a difficult scene -- had to get a lot of words out really quickly; the pacing of the scene was very important to create tension.
-Zoe at home awaiting verdict -- "rain" was prop guy spritzing the window with water.
-A lot of the crew were in tears during the last scene between Keeley and David.
-David was just managing to hold it together in last scene with Keeley.

RE: 3.6 DVD Commentary - Aria - 02-05-2010 10:31 PM

Thanks for this lwhite53. Interesting info on the episode, loved that the "rain" was a prop guy with a spritzer bottle!!

RE: 3.6 DVD Commentary - JHyde - 03-05-2010 12:01 AM

Thanks lwhite53. I imagine it was a hard one to film for all the old hands.

The bit about locations is good though. I'll ask Bea to add it to the map.

RE: 3.6 DVD Commentary - Tea Lady - 03-05-2010 09:46 AM

Thanks lwhite53. I did wonder if that was the Tate Modern with the view from the window. They do use that building in several episodes including the restaurant on the top floor.

Harry does do the "sense of doom look" well. Smile

RE: 3.6 DVD Commentary - picard1109 - 03-05-2010 10:10 AM

Thanks for the transcript, lwhite53. Very pleasing to see PF described as a "rock for the cast".