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Episode 7 Discussion [rewatch] - Nitrus - 08-05-2010 04:40 PM

Watch & Discuss!!

Some talking points:

- Danny breaking down.
- The concept of a G&J key, one key to take down any computer system.
- Andrew & Ruth, their relationship, did Ruth fancy him?
- Diamonds laced with poison, VERY "James Bond".
- Colin in his element as a techy.

RE: Episode 7 Discussion [rewatch] - HellsBells - 08-05-2010 05:13 PM

This episode really showed what an excellent character Danny is and definitely one of his best episodes so far I think. It was such a great ending to the Zoe and Will story.
I thought the basis for the actually story was a bit weak, that drugs can leave the manufacturer without being checked seemed unlikely. And the G&J key, is that possible ?
Colin was great but where was Malcolm, surely not on holiday !
Poor Ruth, she does pick 'em doesn't she ! I don't think she fancied him but just saw a fellow lonely person who would understand her.

RE: Episode 7 Discussion [rewatch] - Aria - 09-05-2010 05:27 AM

I really enjoyed this episode, it's one of my favourites from season 3. DO as Danny coming to term with Zoe's loss was brilliant as was NW, who showed Ruth's compassionate nature and her little quirks and idiosyncracies. Colin was brilliant and completely in his element, and I loved Malcolm and Sam towards the end with the diamonds. Also Malcolm's line about "Frodo and Sam" was hilarious.

Liked the poison diamonds and the miniature helicopter, as Nitrus says they were very "James Bond". Also enjoyed Harry spending the latter part of the episode in shirt and braces.Big Grin

The only part which didn't ring true for me was Harry's attitude to Ruth's non-appearance at the Grid. His "poor girl" comment seemed a little patronising and surely he should have thought something was up, as Ruth taking time off even due to illness during such an important op, was completley unbelievable. Also just leaving a message with Sam and not contacting him directly is so unlike Ruth's dedicated nature that alarm bells should have been ringing. Maybe he is afraid of his growing feelings for her and tries to put her out of his mind?

RE: Episode 7 Discussion [rewatch] - CONDOR - 09-05-2010 07:53 AM

Yes I agree I loved the "Lord of the Rings" references made by Malcolm, and it was nice to see Ruth smiling and happy albeit briefly.
Yes the main story seemed a bit far fetched, and could that silly little helicopter have really carried the weight of those diamonds as well as the circuitry for the CCTV?

I like the way that they finally cottoned on that Ruth was in trouble "Harry, Ruth sent a text in saying that she was sick? She can't even change the ringtone on her phone!"
You almost imagine that to be the case with her, very clever with Classical academic stuff, but not the most practical in terms of "gadgets".

Will just acted like a spoilt child and a pretty thick one at that if it had taken him that long to work out that Zoe's disappearance at the same time as "agent X" being sent to prison could be linked! Doh! Not the sharpest chisel in the box!

RE: Episode 7 Discussion [rewatch] - Silktie - 09-05-2010 02:26 PM

Speaking as someone who knows very little about computer stuff, I found this episode very entertaining. It certainly is a wide-held fear that one crazy computer boffin can create major havoc from his/her "dingy basement", as Harry so aptly put it. Greatly enjoyed Colin, he's such a geek and can't help but show off his knowledge a little whenever he gets the chance. I think it's a toss-up between him and Malcolm about who has the worst jokes - that crack about it shaping up to be the driest autumn in years was awful, although it did lead to Harry's very funny reaction: "Do you want to be taken out and shot?"

Loved Harry and his disdain for the politician, Guy Facer. He made many a true statement during his arguments with Facer, and also a very shrewd decision not to let the government have the G&J key. Interesting that he also did not want MI5 to have it, he had a flash of altruism there.

I could actually understand where Will was coming from, and thought the actor delivered a strong performance. On the other hand, whilst I certainly understand why Danny was unhappy with life, I don't understand why he took it out on his fellow team members, and Ruth in particular. Nothing about Zoe's fate was her fault. If he had only been short with Harry and Adam, I could understand that, since they put Zoe on that op in the first place.

RE: Episode 7 Discussion [rewatch] - Tea Lady - 09-05-2010 02:28 PM

I do like this episode. It starts with the obligatory staring at an empty desk scene, with Danny struggling with his emotions. The Service has taken the woman that he loves and his best friend so really doesnt want to be there.

I hate the embarrassing Sam comment in the meeting room about the pills. I still cringe at that moment even though I have seen it a few times. Still love the Harry "Colin, tell me something uplifting" comment. I do love those meeting room scenes.

In this episode Ruth really did know everything but she got her comeuppance in the end. I don't think she fancied John, just liked his company and he seemed to be on the same wave lenght as Ruth at that time.

I totally loved the scene between Danny and Ruth were she is telling him that he was lucky to have that bond with someone as she didn't. I felt really sorry for Ruth there. She really only has her cat.

I agree that Harry not realising that something was wrong, when Ruth went sick, was a little unbelievable.

A good episode for Harry, Colin, Ruth, and Danny.

RE: Episode 7 Discussion [rewatch] - YourFutureMuse - 09-05-2010 04:12 PM

I love the ending to the zoe will storyline, the ending with the picture, awww a rare happy moment for spooks.

This episode grew on me more on the rewatch as it has never really stuck out in my mind before. I love how Ruth gets a little bit of action but poor her she really isn't very lucky in love. I love the part when she realises it was him, the look on her face. Poor Ruth haha she shouldn't be so darned clever Tongue

I loved Sam in this ep too haha, the look on everyone's face when she announces that it is not the best time of month for her to throw away all her pills Tongue And Malcolm and her with the Lord of the Rings moment very LOL.

I agree about Harry, that seemed very off to me. Not only would you have thought Harry may have just paid a bit more attention to Ruth, anyone who really knew her would know that days off reaally aren't her style lol. And as a spy you'd expect him to be just a little bit observant. (Or maybe Harry was just being a typical man teehee Tongue)

I loved Danny when he was being all stroppy too. Like with the thunderbirds typo comment and his various looks. I think through the rewatch Danny has actually become my fave character, I think I kind of overlooked him before.

RE: Episode 7 Discussion [rewatch] - CONDOR - 09-05-2010 04:36 PM

I agree YFM and understand where you are coming from T lady but The look on Harry's face was a picture when Sam made THAT comment in the meeting room and for me actually made the "cringe" element of it mildly amusing, Harry reflecting the viewers discomfort.
For me Ruth is certainly coming to the fore.

RE: Episode 7 Discussion [rewatch] - lwhite53 - 09-05-2010 10:46 PM

I liked this ep for many reasons -- Colin and his computers, Malcolm and the Lord of the Rings references, Ruth's knowing early on that something isn't right with respect to the supposed Islamic terrorists but no one paying attention, the Danny/Zoe/Will story.

Loved the looks on Harry and Malcolm's faces at Sam's "time of the month" comment -- absolutely priceless. And Harry's, "Do you want to be taken out and shot" to Colin. Lots of really good comic lines in the ep.

Everyone is really keen to believe that all this is the work of Islamic terrorists -- one of those situations where your prejudices can color how you react to a situation and blind you to other possibilities.

Also like the set up of the Ruth/Andrew relationship -- they actually had a lot in common and the dialogue between them was flirty, in an innocent way.

Wasn't fond of Harry in the shirt and suspenders -- not a good look, imo. And Guy Facer in a yellow shirt and purple tie -- that was seriously ugly!

I found all the technobabble in the ep really interesting (have no idea whether any of it made any sense, but it did sound good) and the question of whether it's really possible for one person with a laptop to bring down a country is an interesting one, especially in a time where computers are integral to almost all societies.

RE: Episode 7 Discussion [rewatch] - HellsBells - 10-05-2010 01:32 PM

(09-05-2010 10:46 PM)lwhite53 Wrote:  Loved the looks on Harry and Malcolm's faces at Sam's "time of the month" comment -- absolutely priceless. And Harry's, "Do you want to be taken out and shot" to Colin. Lots of really good comic lines in the ep.

These were definitely some of the best lines in the episode !