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Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch] - Nitrus - 30-05-2010 05:33 PM

Watch & Discuss!

The major talking point being Danny's exit.

RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch] - Aria - 30-05-2010 05:57 PM

A brilliant episode, my favourite from season 3. Danny's exit was so sad and heroic and his line to Fiona to look at all "the presents" had me crying. With the Rewatch I've come to have a greater appreciation for the original trio of MM, KH and DO and it really felt like the end of an era with this episode.

Loved Adam and Fiona in this episode and their relationship seems so strong. Also loved the H/R scenes in 3.10 especially when Ruth is standing up to Harry and telling him to take her seriously, and the part when Harry tells Ruth not to breakdown over Danny. Liked the introduction of Zaf, it reminded me a little of Adam's intro to the team. Loved the ending with Ruth and Harry and an upset Ruth staying with Danny's body.

RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch] - JHyde - 30-05-2010 06:19 PM

I really appreciated this episode after re-watching. This and 3.9 were the first episodes Ben Richards wrote for the show and also the first two that Alrick Riley directed.

I love all the characters in this episode. Danny goes out like a real hero, he probably gets one of the best write-outs in the show. I love Ruth in so many ways in this one, her twigging to what's going on and trying to convince Harry and then later on, when she holds it together to try and help Fiona. And at the end when she holds Danny's head just makes me well up.

I love Adam in this episode. One of the character's best and one of RPJ's best.

This episode really does feel like the end of an era. But it was also the start of several storylines/characters for the show: Harry and Ruth, Zaf (who brought so much to the team), Fiona's grab for her family (going by Harry's Diary, this was just before or just after
Series season4 Spoiler: show
she found out about her ex husband not being dead and looking for her.
) and Adam becoming a much more serious character.

So yes, it's sad that Danny died. But it's also the beginning of the next phase of the show and that's worth looking back on fondly too.

RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch] - lwhite53 - 30-05-2010 08:27 PM

This is, imo, definitely the best ep of s3 and certainly on my list of the top eps of the show.

Loved the fleshing out of the Adam/Fiona relationship, their backstory and their clear love of and devotion to each other.

Loved the extraordinary pressure Adam was put under in this ep and the incredible emotional and professional choices he had to make, choices that were crushingly opposite.

Loved the intro of Zaf and his flirting with both Sam and Ruth.

Loved the comic little moments between Harry and Ruth ("something's wrong . . . you knocked" and the GCHQ references) that turned deadly serious in a tic. And the acting from both PF and NW was astounding in the scene immediately after Danny's death ("I'm relying on you Ruth . . there will be time to grieve later") and then later with Danny's body. That there is "something" between them is now clearly obvious.

Absolutely loved the scene with Harry and Guy Facer, where Harry keeps trying to insure Danny and Fiona's safety despite the official policy. The look on Harry's face when Facer says, "They're not civilians, Harry . . . It does make the moral dilemma somewhat less acute," gives us a very clear idea of what H thinks of that line of reasoning.

I also think this is the best write-out ep for a character, thus far. Even though Danny doesn't have many lines or much action in this ep, his speech before his death and his choice to sacrifice himself for Fiona are just brilliant and so true to who he is. Every time I hear him do, "Look at all the cake and presents, Fiona," I get a chill down my spine. His death is simultaneously unassumingly tawdry and absolutely heroic -- unlike anything else in spooks up to this time.

And just a word about the guest artists -- Zubin Varla (Ahmed) and Badria Timimi (Khatera) were outstanding. Both gave really nuanced performances of menacing characters.

All around, an outstanding script (Ben Richards), tremendous acting and directing, and terrific camera work -- everything really meshed in this ep.

RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch] - Beatriz - 30-05-2010 08:40 PM

It is one of my favorite episodes, very moving and it keeps you on the edge of the seat. I agree Danny's death is one of the best and heroic in Spooks world. Great speech!

I loved Zaf and Ruth together, sneak peek of the good friends they will become, it makes me sad somewhat.

Ruth's character in this episode is very good, she's not the weak person some people think, she has guts and when she must stand up she does.

I like Fiona and Adam relationship, very different to the other couples of the show.

I still don't get what's wrong with a chocolates box as present, haha Harry, you can give me one whenever you want!! Smile

RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch] - YourFutureMuse - 30-05-2010 10:10 PM

Haven't watched this one yet because I feel sad anyway and it makes me cry at the best of times Tongue

But I have watched it like a million times anyway, it's one of my faves that when I have a spare hour to watch something I'll put on Smile

That line with the present :'). I think it has been discussed on another thread but Danny's death is the best imo of all. His speech at the end and the 'you will never win' it's so beautiful and my favourite spooks moment (This should prob go in the YYAFOSW thread but I made my sister watch the clip of this on YT, she only likes things that have death and violence in them - lovely child- and now when we have little jokey mock arguments 'fuck you you death worshipping fascist' is a popular one haha - if anybody overheard... pahaha Tongue)

Oh and I love Adam's dialogue with that woman, suffering of strangers etc.

Danny, how I do love you! RIP *sniff*

When I do watch it again I shall comment with something with a little more substance than this silly post hahaha
Oh and all that babbling and I forgot to mention Sam - pity she didn't get a proper write out, I feel she was a good character that never reached her full potential. A shame Sad

RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch] - Tea Lady - 30-05-2010 10:41 PM

Yes a very good episode although a different type of ending to a series. There is no cliff hanger for series 4? I wonder why that was? Also we were straight into the action with both Fiona and Danny captured by the 14th minute. Again a slightly different approach here from other episodes.

I felt that both Fiona and Danny were a little cock sure of themselves when first captured and perhaps didn't help themselves to start with.

Loved Ruth trying to convince Harry to take her seriously. He looked like he had to think for a second but must have come to the conclusion that he trusts Ruth like no other, so has to trust her on this point as well, even if that meant compromising a mission.

I didn't like the Sophie's Choice moment at all and Danny was brave saving Adam from having to make that choice himself. He knew Adam would have to save his wife. The speech Danny does is incredible and in one long take as well. Sad to see him go out like that but a fitting end.

The end scene with Harry and Ruth is very upsetting. It's almost like Harry is more upset at seeing Ruth so upset in that moment. Shame they cut the hugging scene, but then again it fits in with what happens later.

RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch] - JHyde - 30-05-2010 10:57 PM

There was a hugging scene? I feel cheated! But yes, it doesn't really fit.

RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch] - lwhite53 - 30-05-2010 11:01 PM

What hugging scene?

RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch] - Tea Lady - 30-05-2010 11:07 PM

I'm sure this has been mentioned before unless I dreamt it. Isn't it in the script for this episode? *goes off to check*
No, not going mad. This is what it says at the end of the script for this episode.

"Harry is back with Ruth, we’re on his face as he looks at
her. His grief is tangible.
Then he puts his arm around her and we close on them
embracing while her hand still holds that of her fallen