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Episode 5 Discussion [re-watch]
24-04-2010, 05:19 PM
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RE: Episode 5 Discussion [re-watch]
I have to say that when I watched this episode I found it by far the slowest, and rather tedious. I appreciate the subject matter, and how they tried to show the moral conflict in killing somebody in cold blood, as opposed to doing it in the line of duty in the form of self defence, and how even these trained professionals have difficulty with this task (unlike the normal depiction of MI5 agents who are portrayed as cold blooded efficient killers).

I did think that it was handled intelligently, so too the focus on Ruth's empty life and how it is possible to become close to somebody doing this job just by the knowledge that you build up of them whilst monitoring their life. I am sure this must happen in real life. I was touched by the way Ruth was so nervous about going on a "date", and how Malcolm took her under his wing like a true friend. In fact I just wanted to hug her myself.

I just felt that the whole program lacked pace. Being from a medical background I failed to see why Danny had to inject the ankle, other than perhaps that the injection site would be less likely to be noticed at a PM.

No sorry this was by far my least favourite episode, though I shall endeavour to watch it again along with the commentary then perhaps I may change my mind.

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