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Episode 5 Discussion [re-watch]
25-04-2010, 03:01 AM
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RE: Episode 5 Discussion [re-watch]
I agree with Condor and Silktie -- the pacing in the ep was terrible and the ep really dragged. I kept looking at the counter on the dvd player to see how much time was left, which is never a good sign! I think the issue, for me, was that there really wasn't a credible, cohesive story -- this was a string of individual character studies, with the rogue scientist plot pasted on.

There were a lot of moments I liked -- Colin at the shooting range, Zoe at new recruit training, Ruth watching The Red Shoes, Malcolm sneaking surveillance transcripts to Ruth at home (very naughty, Malcolm), Malcolm in formal wear, Requiem going on at same time that Danny is committing murder -- but they just didn't hang together in a satisfying way.

Interesting Harry "stuff" going on in this ep:
-Ruth questioning putting Danny and Zoe together on the ep and Harry seemingly totally oblivious to what's going on between them. She's much more aware of what's happening with his officers than he is.
-Harry using Sam to spy on Ruth, pretty much out of the blue and with no explanation. What's up with that?
-Harry's strange jollity when Sam tells him what Ruth is doing -- very bizarre response. Overcompensating for Sam's benefit?
-Harry being uncharacteristically sharp with Ruth after he learns of Ruth's infatuation with John Fortescue ("Is that a yes, or a perhaps.")
-Harry telling Ruth that what she does with her time is her business as long as it doesn't cross over into MI5's business. Is he trying to tell her that he knows what she's been doing?
I think there's pretty clear subtext coming from Harry in this ep, but Ruth doesn't seem to be picking up on it.

Danny tells Zoe about Will's brother out of spite and for revenge -- he wants her to feel as bad as he does. He's hurting after he murders Newland and he wants her to hurt, too. It's interesting that Zoe never even questions Danny's info -- she just assumes he's telling her the truth and poor Will pays the price.

"What is the truth?"
"Betrayal is a cancer. Let it eat your soul, not mine."
"Please tell me this isn't going where I think it's going."
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