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Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch]
30-05-2010, 05:57 PM
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RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch]
A brilliant episode, my favourite from season 3. Danny's exit was so sad and heroic and his line to Fiona to look at all "the presents" had me crying. With the Rewatch I've come to have a greater appreciation for the original trio of MM, KH and DO and it really felt like the end of an era with this episode.

Loved Adam and Fiona in this episode and their relationship seems so strong. Also loved the H/R scenes in 3.10 especially when Ruth is standing up to Harry and telling him to take her seriously, and the part when Harry tells Ruth not to breakdown over Danny. Liked the introduction of Zaf, it reminded me a little of Adam's intro to the team. Loved the ending with Ruth and Harry and an upset Ruth staying with Danny's body.

We move on from this
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