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Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch]
30-05-2010, 06:19 PM
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RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch]
I really appreciated this episode after re-watching. This and 3.9 were the first episodes Ben Richards wrote for the show and also the first two that Alrick Riley directed.

I love all the characters in this episode. Danny goes out like a real hero, he probably gets one of the best write-outs in the show. I love Ruth in so many ways in this one, her twigging to what's going on and trying to convince Harry and then later on, when she holds it together to try and help Fiona. And at the end when she holds Danny's head just makes me well up.

I love Adam in this episode. One of the character's best and one of RPJ's best.

This episode really does feel like the end of an era. But it was also the start of several storylines/characters for the show: Harry and Ruth, Zaf (who brought so much to the team), Fiona's grab for her family (going by Harry's Diary, this was just before or just after
Series season4 Spoiler: show
she found out about her ex husband not being dead and looking for her.
) and Adam becoming a much more serious character.

So yes, it's sad that Danny died. But it's also the beginning of the next phase of the show and that's worth looking back on fondly too.

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