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Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch]
30-05-2010, 08:27 PM
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RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch]
This is, imo, definitely the best ep of s3 and certainly on my list of the top eps of the show.

Loved the fleshing out of the Adam/Fiona relationship, their backstory and their clear love of and devotion to each other.

Loved the extraordinary pressure Adam was put under in this ep and the incredible emotional and professional choices he had to make, choices that were crushingly opposite.

Loved the intro of Zaf and his flirting with both Sam and Ruth.

Loved the comic little moments between Harry and Ruth ("something's wrong . . . you knocked" and the GCHQ references) that turned deadly serious in a tic. And the acting from both PF and NW was astounding in the scene immediately after Danny's death ("I'm relying on you Ruth . . there will be time to grieve later") and then later with Danny's body. That there is "something" between them is now clearly obvious.

Absolutely loved the scene with Harry and Guy Facer, where Harry keeps trying to insure Danny and Fiona's safety despite the official policy. The look on Harry's face when Facer says, "They're not civilians, Harry . . . It does make the moral dilemma somewhat less acute," gives us a very clear idea of what H thinks of that line of reasoning.

I also think this is the best write-out ep for a character, thus far. Even though Danny doesn't have many lines or much action in this ep, his speech before his death and his choice to sacrifice himself for Fiona are just brilliant and so true to who he is. Every time I hear him do, "Look at all the cake and presents, Fiona," I get a chill down my spine. His death is simultaneously unassumingly tawdry and absolutely heroic -- unlike anything else in spooks up to this time.

And just a word about the guest artists -- Zubin Varla (Ahmed) and Badria Timimi (Khatera) were outstanding. Both gave really nuanced performances of menacing characters.

All around, an outstanding script (Ben Richards), tremendous acting and directing, and terrific camera work -- everything really meshed in this ep.

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