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Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch]
30-05-2010, 10:10 PM (This post was last modified: 30-05-2010 10:15 PM by YourFutureMuse.)
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RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch]
Haven't watched this one yet because I feel sad anyway and it makes me cry at the best of times Tongue

But I have watched it like a million times anyway, it's one of my faves that when I have a spare hour to watch something I'll put on Smile

That line with the present :'). I think it has been discussed on another thread but Danny's death is the best imo of all. His speech at the end and the 'you will never win' it's so beautiful and my favourite spooks moment (This should prob go in the YYAFOSW thread but I made my sister watch the clip of this on YT, she only likes things that have death and violence in them - lovely child- and now when we have little jokey mock arguments 'fuck you you death worshipping fascist' is a popular one haha - if anybody overheard... pahaha Tongue)

Oh and I love Adam's dialogue with that woman, suffering of strangers etc.

Danny, how I do love you! RIP *sniff*

When I do watch it again I shall comment with something with a little more substance than this silly post hahaha
Oh and all that babbling and I forgot to mention Sam - pity she didn't get a proper write out, I feel she was a good character that never reached her full potential. A shame Sad
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