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Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch]
30-05-2010, 10:41 PM
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RE: Episode 10 Discussion [rewatch]
Yes a very good episode although a different type of ending to a series. There is no cliff hanger for series 4? I wonder why that was? Also we were straight into the action with both Fiona and Danny captured by the 14th minute. Again a slightly different approach here from other episodes.

I felt that both Fiona and Danny were a little cock sure of themselves when first captured and perhaps didn't help themselves to start with.

Loved Ruth trying to convince Harry to take her seriously. He looked like he had to think for a second but must have come to the conclusion that he trusts Ruth like no other, so has to trust her on this point as well, even if that meant compromising a mission.

I didn't like the Sophie's Choice moment at all and Danny was brave saving Adam from having to make that choice himself. He knew Adam would have to save his wife. The speech Danny does is incredible and in one long take as well. Sad to see him go out like that but a fitting end.

The end scene with Harry and Ruth is very upsetting. It's almost like Harry is more upset at seeing Ruth so upset in that moment. Shame they cut the hugging scene, but then again it fits in with what happens later.

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