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Episode 6.9 [Re-watch]
11-05-2011, 04:43 PM
Post: #11
RE: Episode 6.9 [Re-watch]
Good points, and I certainly agree that there is every chance that Blake's motivations aren't pure. It is nice that there are things to which one can point, with hindsight, that are indications to how the character developed in season 9.

And like you say, Harry isn't naive about politicians, and I can see that he would let it go for the greater good even if he didn't believe Blake was being honest. I just think that he is shown to have too much respect for Blake in seasons 7 and 8 for someone who believes the Home Sec did this more for personal gain than for the greater good. Sure, he'll be aware that Blake would get some personal mileage out of it, but I think Harry does believe that Blake would still have done it even if he had nothing to gain personally.

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