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Downton Abbey
06-02-2012, 02:52 PM
Post: #31
RE: Downton Abbey
(04-02-2012 03:33 PM)JHyde Wrote:  I have no patience with anyone who watches period pieces and longs for better, simpler days.

I resent the comparison of Coriolanus to Downton. I'm not being a snob I just think it makes no sense whatsoever.

The longing for the olden days is one of those conversations that happens often on another forum I frequent. I would not give up modern comforts for anything. It isn't even about anything political or ethical for me. It comes down to indoor plumbing and electric appliances. Wink

I think the comparison to Coriolanus is hilarious! If only because it is nothing like it in any way. Don't worry, this too shall pass. I am enjoying the lambasting of it even if I am not enjoying the actual piece.

And to that point, I barely remember what happened last night in episode 5. Something about The Invisible Man? I kept wondering if they unwrapped him, would he disappear and guess what!?! He did!!!! Big Grin They only character that is showing any kind of depth is Daisy, go figure....

Had to go watch the 1967 Far From the Madding Crowd to detox. Angel

Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet [Spooks];
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

~Wm. Shakespeare, Hamlet
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