Forum Announcement: SPOILERS [READ THIS]
30-07-2009, 02:13 PM
Spooks Forum regards spoilers as this:

"A spoiler is any information posted in a Series Discussion forum where that information could potentially spoil a plot/storyline for a future series or episode."

So for example, if you post information about Series 2 in the Series 3 section, you DO NOT need to use spoiler tags. If you post information about Series 7 in the Series 5 section you DO need spoiler tags.

In the General Discussion, Pictures & Videos and Character & Actor Discussion sections, we assume that all members have only seen Series 1.. therefore all spoilers for Series 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 MUST use spoiler tags using the format below.

Some discussions are prefaced as containing spoilers, in which case tags need not be used, except when referring to spoilers for episodes which have not been aired in the UK on BBC 1.

If you enter the discussion section for a particular series, we assume that you have watched the entire series and will therefore not be fully protected from spoilers. Except when that series is currently airing, in which case we assume you've seen all the episodes that have aired in the UK on BBC 1 but please be mindful for posting episode 2 spoilers in an episode 1 discussion thread, even if both episodes have aired.

Members who do not use spoiler tags in the correct format when they should will receive an official warning from the Staff team, multiple warnings will result in a temporary ban!

If you do not wish to know anything about a future episode, then please avoid that section of the forums.

Spoiler Tags Usage
[spoiler=seriesnumber]spoiler text[/spoiler]

You do not need to include the word "Series". Just the number like so:

[spoiler=9]Ruth marries Adam![/spoiler]

Replace "seriesnumber" with the series number as the example demonstrates below.

Series 8 Spoiler Example:
Series 8 Spoiler: show
Harry gets cake!

For Spooks spoilers you MUST use the above format, posting a spoiler without a series number will result in a warning and several warnings may result in other restrictions.


-Spooks Forum Staff
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