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my coming out party.
02-11-2010, 07:16 AM
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Ruth my coming out party.
Hey spooksforum-ers. I finally thought i would de-lurk (yes sorry i've been lurking around in the shadows like a good little spook for quite some time now. I'm embarrassed to say how long.) and become a real part of the community.

Patiently waiting to for my computer to load the latest episode (7 s9) to watch here in Australia has prompted my need to finally share my excitement/terror/love of Spooks to those who will listen (instead of my dog who, it must be said, doesnt seem to care too much)

So yes, Hello All. I've enjoyed reading everyones theories and analysis many a time and would just like to say thanks for allowing a fan such an awesome place to hang out.

So you know what I'm all about re Spooks:
- Total Ruth/Harry fan. Both of each character individually and of course as the most epic and frustrating ghost of a relationship.
- If I was Harry and i had to appoint a section chief out of all the characters past and present I'd choose Ros every time.
- I started watching the show because i was a bit in love with Keeley Hawes and yet the era with Adam, Ros, Jo, Zaf, Ruth, Malcolm and Harry as the core team i think lingers as my favorite overall. (can't believe it was secondary to awesome people like Zoe, Tom, Danny, Colin etc) Spooks always surprises me with its ability to 'replace' members of the team without offending the memory/legacy of the old ones and giving u new characters u love just as much (if not more).
- To the above i have one exception - I just don't "get" Lucas North. I mean to cause absolutely no offense.. but if i'm honest I'm not a huge fan of the character or RA's acting in Spooks. Not sure if its that i don't like both or one impacts the other. I think it might be Armitage thats my problem... attractive as he is. & when i say i "don't like" its only relative to how much i absolutely adore everything else about Spooks past & present. Maybe its that i feel he's inferior to Tom & Adam?
- I just love everything about Ruth and am very passionate about her. I'm always concerned about her being treated with respect & written so that the full spectrum of her potential is utilised - I really respect kudos for what they've done with her so far (I only hope all this hell they're putting her through atm has a positive outcome in the end....did i mention i was a massive R/H fan? haha)

& i could go on all day but I should really stop there!
I'm really happy to be here and hopefully I won't upset any RA fans! xx
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