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Rules & Guidelines [READ]
29-07-2009, 01:15 PM (This post was last modified: 25-02-2011 11:19 PM by Nitrus.)
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zzExclamation Rules & Guidelines [READ]

These are the rules for Spooks Forum, please abide by them at all times, and ensure that you are always aware of any changes made to them. The rules are subject to change at any time.

1. No spamming.
2. No verbal abuse.
3. No excessive swearing.
4. No nudity/adult content.
5. No racial/religous abuse/hatred.
6. No trolling.
7. No advertising without permission, this includes and is not limited to the posting of links for marketing or promotional purposes without my permission.
8. Always obey the Sig/Av Guidelines.
9. No scamming.
10. Always respect staff members.
11. Spoilers will be moderated as per the forum policy here:
12. Members must activate their accounts within 1 week of registration. Accounts which have not been activated after two weeks will be deleted.
13. Links to sites where you can download/stream copyrighted material are not allowed. (The only exception to this rule is YouTube)
14. Refrain from posting really short replies such as 'Yeh' or 'Lol cool'. Repeated posting of such replies could incur a warning.
15. No links to sites which also serve as a platform for discussing Spooks unless you have obtained permission from me.
16. Multiple accounts from the same user are not allowed, offenders will have additional accounts permanently banned and be warned on the first account they made.
17. Nothing illegal is ever to be posted at Spooks Forum, this includes linking to sites which contain and/or sell illegal material


These are not rules, but a list of things that you should avoid doing if possible. If a staff member feels that you are not making any attempt to follow these guidelines then he/she may give you a warning.

1. Avoid bad grammar.
2. Avoid double-posting.
3. Avoid posting multiple threads about the same thing.
4. Avoid trying to bait members into an argument.

Thank you for reading this, and we hope you try not do break any of the rules.

- Spooks Forum Team

Sig & Av Guidelines | Rules | Spoiler Policy
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