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Episode 6.10 [Re-watch]
25-11-2011, 12:47 AM
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RE: Episode 6.10 [Re-watch]
Er, I'm now going to risk sounding extremely dense here...but who exactly was Copenhagen then?? Where did I miss this? (but nothing new there!)
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01-12-2011, 07:44 AM
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RE: Episode 6.10 [Re-watch]
(13-05-2011 06:15 AM)Silktie Wrote:  Also loved Malcolm with the Beethoven CD at the beginning, and the way both Harry and Adam handle it in that first meeting. Harry's response telling Malcolm to send them Pomp and Circumstance in return made me laugh.

I am torn about Jo here. Though I feel deeply for her and the horror she has been through, part of me thinks that it is unfair of her to ask Adam to kill her. What a horrible position to put Adam in. He is facing the terrors of what Zaf has been through himself, and on top of that he is asked to kill someone he cares deeply about.

I thought this episode was really good - the writers were on to a really good concept with the redbacks and they could have done a lot more - continued on with the theme into the next series. Imagine how exciting that would have been if on top of the existing threats the spooks faced there was a bunch of rouge mercenaries out to grab them and torture them wherever they went - it would have added an excellent aura of paranoia to the programme - also its not really credible that they were a network and the threat vanished by eliminating only 2 of them. Sometime the writers come across really good storylines which could have been spun out over multiple episodes but only do one episode so the whole threat is resolved in a week - real life is not that simple.

The only thing I didn't buy in this episode was the CD thing - it was far too obscure and I just don't believe that countries would communicate with each other like that. If you had something important enough to say to another intelligence service you would say it them in a way they would be sure they would understand albeit discreet.

Re Jo - yes it is unfair in a way of her to ask him but he is the senior officer, he recruited her in the first place and his situation is very bad but hers is worse still. Her future involves as she says being tortured and raped but groups of men then passed on to another group and another and another until she dies. That is worse that even victims of twisted serial killers get.
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30-01-2012, 10:24 PM
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Jo RE: Episode 6.10 [Re-watch]
I remember wondering when I watched this the first time around whether Adam really had killed Jo. I can see the point where some may feel it's unfair of Jo to ask Adam to kill her, but were I in her shoes I would likely do the same. I thought RPJ and MR did such a wonderful job with those final scenes in captivity. Someone mentioned that Jo w the one voicing the moral dilemmas they faced, something that Ruth used to do. While it's something they are all aware of, it's still good to have someone willing to say it out loud.

Best line of the ep was Adam complaint that Torres 'compared me to a monkey and questioned my sexuality' and then Harry responds with 'yeah, the monkey insult crossed the line.' A close second was also between Harry and Adam, when they were talking about Ben. Harry "There's something about him I like. He's the opposite of you." Adam "Am I supposed to take that as a compliment?" Harry: "Well, we need different types. He's got brains." Adam: "This just gets better and better."

I don't personally know any Venezuelans, but Torres seemed a bit cartoonish to me - maybe it was the thin mustache. It was nice to have another country involved and not just the usual Mideast suspects.

I have to give Matthew Marsh credit for one of the best American accents we've had on this show. I did like Hogan as a character, too.

While I hate the fact that Zaf suffered so very much, at least we got closure to his storyline. We don't know everything that happened to him, but at least his body was able to be returned home to his family. His death was easily the worst, even moreso than Helen's in 1.2, because at least she was dead shortly afterwards.

Zaf: "Shouldn't you be in prison or something?"
Ros: "This is the something."
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