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Superfans Needed for Shine Group Film
01-02-2012, 08:22 PM
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RE: Superfans Needed for Shine Group Film
(01-02-2012 07:51 AM)Sparky Wrote:  Did they say whether they'd had much of a response from Spooks fans?

They just said they had received a lot of responses to the email. That could mean 50 replies or 500 I guess.

(01-02-2012 02:16 PM)A Cousin Wrote:  Too cool, TL! Thanks for the vicarious experience.

Not sure how "cool" I will look on screen though AC. Shivering, troll hair, eyes watering in the glaring sunlight. Wink

(01-02-2012 02:16 PM)A Cousin Wrote:  I see my evil plan to scare Mr. TL away didn't work? (AKA Meet them in Chinatown and fill him with cheap beer....) Ah well, better luck next time. Silba Wink

Mr TL has come round a lot in the last few years, partly because of meeting other fans. He encouraged me to go for this when I wasn't sure myself. I'm not particularly demonstrative, so standing in front of strangers and telling them why I love something...and Harry *coughs* was quite difficult for me. I don't think I could have done it on my own.

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02-02-2012, 09:36 PM
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RE: Superfans Needed for Shine Group Film
Thanks for the excellent report TL (seems you're not using first name in here?). Smile

I'm not posting so much on this forum even if I know some of the forumers and like it but I thought I could add a few things.

First I'd like to thank Nitrus for forwarding the emails to all of us, giving me the opportunity to be invited for a day in London (sharing another great moment with TL).

I loved the fact that TL and I have/had different opinions on several points (and mostly about end of series 10). I like to think we showed that Spooks fans can have different pov, some disagreements but in the end, we love the show and we're still good friends and respectful of each other.

You'll understand the word "disagreement" when I'll say I mentioned series 10 and some scenes of 10.6 (Harry in the Inner Garden), definitely not TL's choice!

I also chose series 10 and 7 to be my favourites and Harry as favourite character.

Just like TL, I insisted on the fact that I met wonderful (and close) friends all over the world through Spooks.

As for meeting the cast, I mentionned the Behind the Scenes event in 2008 plus the fan awards for Peter in 2009 and Nicola in 2011.

We also talked about the Spooks filming locations tours and how much we love to walk through the streets of London to find out places. I also mentionned that I travelled a few times from Paris to London to watch a day of filming or two.

It was fun representing Spooks fans and doing the filming. And I laughed when "H." asked us to be enthusiastic: it was the easiest thing to do!!

If you want to see where we filmed, just have a look at the cut scenes of series 7 on youtube. The scene when Ros and Harry are talking about Adam's death and family. You'll see a very small café in the background. That's where we had ours and then we filmed a little further towards Wesminster bridge.

One last thing: we asked "H" to deliver a message to Shine/Kudos, the message being: Harry is alive and back on the Grid, so give us more of Spooks on our screens (special episodes would be amazing). I hope our campaign #BringSpooksBack will work!

Thanks again TL to be with me on this day, it wouldn't have been such fun without you! Wink Thhug
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