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Ongoing Storyline
12-05-2010, 01:24 PM
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RE: Ongoing Storyline
Ep 6.8, what I like to call "As Ros Sinks Slowly Into the West...." Bon Jovi comes to mind: She's a cowboy, On a steel horse she rides, She's wanted, Dead or Alive!" I love Ros but I know she comes back. I have not liked her as much in this series as others. She is not kicking nearly enough a**!

I have a gripe. It isn't the plot that gives me a headache, its the camera work. It is as if someone decided that they had to cram in as much artsy-fartsy camera work as they possibly could: the close ups are too close up and too frequent, they are using a hand held far too much, the split screen technique is being over used, what used to be subtly laid out artistic shots are now smashing me over the head with an anvil. Nice looking, but distracting.

Good humor in this one though. And, yea! Juliet is back! Bitch on wheels - love her!

Sholto: Nice Girl. Bit tense....

Juliet: Where's Adam?
Harry: He's just popped out for biscuits and milk. (tea and biscuits?)

Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet [Spooks];
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

~Wm. Shakespeare, Hamlet
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31-07-2010, 11:37 AM
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RE: Ongoing Storyline
I’m in two minds about the ongoing storyline idea introduced in this series. On the one hand, all the episodes are connected by a common thread running through them and the story flows better, but on the other hand I miss the smaller storylines that came with the individual episodes. Also, I’m not so keen on how the blame tends to be pinned on one or two culprits for the whole series (Iran and Yalta here,
Series 7 Spoiler: show
the Russians
in Series 7 and
Series 8 Spoiler: show
Nightingale, and the hints of a Chinese connection
in Series 8.

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