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3.6 DVD Commentary
02-05-2010, 10:00 PM
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3.6 DVD Commentary
Info from 3.6 DVD commentary:
[Editorial note: This was not a terribly informative commentary. It was done by the director, Justin Chadwick, and there were long stretches where he didn't speak at all, just watched the ep.]
-First time spooks has used non-linear time line -- flashbacks.
-Location: Interview with Police Supt, Harry and Zoe done in the Tate Modern. White band around top of windows was covering up the museum lettering.
-Ben Richard's was the writer for Zoe's last ep.
-Keeley and Richard Harrington (Will North) -- very instinctive actors. Did an excellent job in the very difficult scene between Zoe and Will.
-Kayvan Novak (Ozal) -- one of his first acting jobs. Lots of new faces in this ep -- specific priority of the casting dept.
-Lots of handheld camera work in the ep -- movement, jumping between characters, quick pans.
-Location: Coffee shop (where Ozal beats up guy) and Ozal's office -- Green Lanes.
-People in the coffee shop scene were just regular customers who hung out there. Lighting in the coffee shop was shop's fluorescents -- green tint.
-Location: Zoe's trial -- Old Bailey.
-Halut Bilginer (Celenk) had terrific chemistry with Keeley -- their scenes together were wonderful. He gave a great performance as Celenk -- subtle but threatening and with a slow, measured, menacing voice.
-Ozal actually snorted the fake cocaine -- powdered glucose.
-Peter Firth -- a rock for the cast. A lot of sadness in the scenes with Peter, Keeley and David because they all knew these were their final scenes together on spooks.
-During trial scenes -- kept cutting to Harry because his reactions mirrored the growing sense of doom in the courtroom.
-Zoe's cross-examination a difficult scene -- had to get a lot of words out really quickly; the pacing of the scene was very important to create tension.
-Zoe at home awaiting verdict -- "rain" was prop guy spritzing the window with water.
-A lot of the crew were in tears during the last scene between Keeley and David.
-David was just managing to hold it together in last scene with Keeley.

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