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Episode 5 Discussion [re-watch]
25-04-2010, 02:54 AM
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RE: Episode 5 Discussion [re-watch]
A conflicting episode for me. As CONDOR mentioned, I appreciated the idea behind the episode. It's a noble one. But I have two major problems with this episode.

Number one being the B plot. I really felt like entirely too much screen time was spent with the Ruth subplot. I understand the attempt to speak to the idea of following in love with you survey, and the conflict it presents, but I found it rather distracting and tonally misplaced amongst the Danny/Zoe story.

My other issue isn't necessarily with the execution of the episode, but more to do with Danny and Zoe's characterization. I have a major problem with the fact that both of them simply couldn't bring themselves to kill the guy DESPITE the obvious fact that he was a clear detriment to not only British security but humanity as a whole. To me, you have to look at the big picture and see how much of a danger this guy was. That seems fairly obvious. And the fact that Danny and Zoe couldn't see this makes them across as weak.

That being said, there were some great things in this episode. For one, it's one of the better directed episodes of the series. Series 3, in general, has the best "look" of any other series. The acting, especially from David and Keeley, was also tremendous.

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Thanks Tyger!
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