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Episode 5 Discussion [re-watch]
26-04-2010, 10:47 AM
Post: #18
RE: Episode 5 Discussion [re-watch]
I do agree that Zoe seemed a little weak but I think that was infitting with her character - Zoe has always been the moral sympathetic one on the team so it's not surprising she finds killing someone in cold blood not right. I think also the reason she was so indignant was Harry and Adam hadn't mentioned it from the outset it was a possibilty, so she may have felt deceived.

Although I was thinkingboth Z and D seemed inproffesional on this mission. An example is in public on the boat and Danny walks up to Zoe calling out her real name really loudly instead of her legend. Surely someone could have overheard and picked up on it. Perhaps I'm just paranoid Tongue
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