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Episode 5.5 [Rewatch]
22-01-2012, 04:37 PM (This post was last modified: 22-01-2012 04:48 PM by Noam.)
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Malcolm RE: Episode 5.5 [Rewatch]
I've just watched this episode for the second time, and whilst it makes more sense the second time around, there are still some parts of the story which I don't understand. It's a very convoluted episode, let alone heart rending.

As I understand it, the point of the story was that Oliver Mace and like minded people wanted Harry to join them in their cabal. The way to persuade Harry was by framing Ruth for at least one murder (did they mean Maudsley or the shot terrorist). The team managed to turn the tables on Mace, at the price of losing Ruth.

Scenes which I don't understand (not necessarily in chronological order):
1. How did Malcolm know that the shot terrorist was in a warehouse? He'd only just found out about the existence of the terrorist and immediately M knows where he can be found?
2. What was the point of finding the gun? Surely Ruth's fingerprints wouldn't have been on the gun.
3. Harry mentions immediately after they find the shot terrorist that 'forensic evidence shows that Maudsley had been in the warehouse'. Suddenly they can get forensic evidence within minutes??
4. Didn't the watchers outside Ruth's house notice that the colour of her hair had changed after the swap with Ros?
5. When Ros (as Ruth) was arrested, didn't anyone realise that she wasn't Ruth? Did it matter?
6. How come Mace has his phone brought to him whilst having lunch in his club whereas Harry doesn't have his phone brought to him (when Adam and Ruth called)?
7. How did Mace know about the florist and the disk? Unless, of course, Mace's people left the note in Maudsley's house and hoped that Ruth would take the signal. This also assumes that there is only one 'fruit and veg' stand in the vicinity.
8. What was the point of attacking the woman who supposedly witnessed Ruth at the train station? At this point, Ruth was supposed to be in police custody.
9. At the end, I don't think that Harry knew what had been planned when he took the final call in his office, although I imagine that Adam filled him in on the plot whilst driving to the mortuary. If the attendant was the same one as at the beginning (Malcolm's contact), wouldn't he have recognised Ruth, or rather not recognise the body that was supposed to be Ruth?
10. Where does Ruth go at the end? Who prepares her legend?
11. Since when is 'Mick' spelt 'Mik'?

What would have happened had Ruth gone straight to Maudsley's flat after removing the keys from the mortuary. No one, supposedly, would have known that she had gone there, as Jo hadn't put the tracer in Ruth's coat at this stage. Silly Jo.

I apologise for so many questions; normally there aren't so many unexplained points.
One final piece of nit-picking: when Adam and Jo get to the warehouse, along with the armed police, Adam walks into the room where the terrorist is, directly in front of Jo's line of fire. Jo had probably never used a gun in a live situation so this was very dangerous!

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