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1.1 DVD commentary
23-01-2010, 05:23 PM
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1.1 DVD commentary
Some interesting factoids from dvd commentary:
-There were 4-5 different story lines considered for first ep and 30 drafts for the first script.
-In a spooks script, there are a total of 130-140 scenes vs. 80-90 scenes in a standard one hour drama. Sets the tone for the series.
-Thames House and Freemason's Hall - designed by the same architect and built in the same period.
-Harry and Tom at lift at top of ep - lift is not real (behind lift doors is the gent's toilet). Also, lift doors too short for Matthew to go through!
-Pods are not a made up thing -- they are actually visible through the windows of the real Thames House.
-Likewise, keeping legend info in little boxes is not made up. Field officers generally have 30-40 legends each.
-Hallway in hospital where Tom meets Keith Burns was actually shot in New Covent Garden Flower Market.
-Ellie's restaurant was an actual working restaurant in London called Bubs or Buds (hard to make out).
-The location used for the lift of Mary Kane was Barrow Market.
-No "black hats" or "white hats" in the series -- everyone is shades of gray; even the "baddies" are passionate about what they believe in.
-Great chemistry between Keeley and David from the get go.

"What is the truth?"
"Betrayal is a cancer. Let it eat your soul, not mine."
"Please tell me this isn't going where I think it's going."
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26-01-2010, 02:40 AM
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RE: 1.1 DVD commentary
I appreciate these threads. Very interesting.

Rooftop scene:
Beth and Dmitri sneak up and disarm Lucas, cuff him and lead him away.
Lucas screams, "No Harry please, I'd rather die!"

Harry: "We're sending you to rehab ................. in Texas."
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