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Thread and Post Approval
11-02-2010, 06:20 PM (This post was last modified: 12-02-2010 12:35 PM by JHyde.)
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Thread and Post Approval
There has been some confusion recently about threads and posts being approved in the fan fiction forum.

To explain: as per forum rules, all fan fic threads are approved by a Moderator before being posted.

What is less well understood is that once changes are made to that thread, even small edits of punctuation or spelling, the thread returns to the Moderator Log for approval. This means that it cannot be read until it is re-approved.

The same goes for posts that follow in the thread.

It is less of an issue for the posts that are re-edited, as they simply await a Moderator's clearing them. Please do not panic if your post does not appear immediately - simply wait a few hours. If it does not appear, contact a Mod to see if it is waiting in the Log.

However, with threads containing fan fiction, it is tedious to constantly reapprove them on the writer's whim. We understand that revisions need to be made and applaud the effort to make sure that your fiction is presented as professionally as possible. But re-editing a fiction ten times in the space of a few hours puts a strain not just on the forum, but on the Moderators.

We suggest being careful and thorough before posting your thread. Those of you who use have access to beta readers there, and JHyde is more than happy to help where possible if you are concerned about your editing.

Just please take care. Revising is not an issue as such - it's only when it is done repeatedly that it becomes problematic, especially as the forum grows.

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