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Evolution of Spooks.
06-01-2012, 06:02 AM
Post: #21
RE: Evolution of Spooks.
What was so great about the early series was that the characters had a life outside of work, yes it was mixed into their work and sometimes was hard to manage but they seemed very human. They didn't take killing for granted (not that they do now) and tried to steer clear of it if they could. There was a connection between the characters that showed when they worked, that doesn't feel as strong anymore.
Tom, Zoe and Danny went out undercover a lot more than now and the whole idea behind the show seemed more about teasing out the facts and finding the truth while staying hidden, this has been moved away from and while it is sill there it is not the main focus of the show.
Running the one underlying story was interesting and i really liked it, it showed more depth into everything that was involved.
Ros was a great character but she was also very cold (one of the things i liked about her) and i think she really marked the start of another shift in the mood of spooks.
S8 was the second time the show really changed and I'm glad they haven't really gone back to it.
I have missed the character development but the show is still fantastic and is still by far the best show on TV.
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