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series ranking
26-04-2012, 10:09 PM
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series ranking
Thought it might be interesting to see what everyone's opinion about the best and worst (for want of a better expression, spooks is always amazing) series' were. And maybe rank them in order from one to ten (one being best, ten being worst). For example, my list would go like this...

1. Series 5
2. Series 7
3. Series 8
4. Series 3
5. Series 2
6. Series 6
7. Series 4
8. Series 10
9. Series 9
10. Series 1

Series 5 is top because it has all my favourite characters, awesome storylines, HR moments aplenty and some great Ros oneliners. Series 1 is bottom because I didn't feel attatched to the characters at this point and no Ruth but I do miss Harry's waisrcoats in later series.

Hope this is a good idea , would love to hear your ideas! Smile

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21-06-2012, 05:11 PM
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RE: series ranking
Hard to put them in order but I think I'd go with...

1. Series 3
2. Series 4
3. Series 7
4. Series 8
5. Series 5
6. Series 1
7. Series 10
8. Series 9
9. Series 6
10. Series 2

Series 3 is top of my list, as there were some genuinely great episodes. To be honest, I love every episode of the series and struggle to pick fault with any of them. And the team all gel really well together too. Series 4 is next on my list. It's close between this series and Series 3. 4 also has fantastic episodes. Series 7 and 8 come next. I love both these series because Lucas is my favourite Section Chief (and in my top three Spooks characters of all time) Richard Armitage plays him so well and I love the episodes that centre around him and his working relationship with Ros. The Sugarhorse plot in Series 7 is a great long running plot, better than the overarching plot of Series 6. Series 5 and 1 are middling. I quite like both these series. They both have their fair share of good episodes, but they just aren't my favourites. Series 10 is next. Quite liked this final series, but you could tell that the show had lost its spark and it was time for it to end. I missed Lucas. The final ever episode was perfect though and the ending was the perfect way to round off the entire show. I didn't like the ending of Series 9 and the likes of Beth and Demetri were underdeveloped as characters, which is why this series comes towards the bottom of the list. I'm not much of a fan of Series 6. It's great for action, but it was very 24 and the stories weren't as strong as the ones we got in previous series. I wasn't too keen on the story with Ros or the overarching plotline. Series 2 is bottom of the list. This series is OK. I only like a handful of the episodes though. Christine annoys the hell out of me, and it's the series I rewatch the least.
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25-10-2012, 04:33 PM
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RE: series ranking
I´ll try too! Smile
1. Series 4
2. Series 3
3. Series 5
4. Series 7
5. Series 2
6. Series 8
7. Series 1
8. Series 6
9. Series 9
10. Series 10

Series 4 is my favorite, even if it´s hard to decide between 3 and 4, but I like the team best, there´s the best atmosphere on grid for me, Adam is my favorite section chief, there´s the growing Harry-Ruth tension, I like the stories as well... I also like very much the first stories of series 5 before Ruth leaves. Series 7 has good stories and is great for Harry and Lucas and their relationship, the last 2 episodes being very exciting and thrilling.
As for the last ones, I liked the weekly stories in series 9 but didn´t like the Lucas-Maya story, it was very unbelievable for me, the revelations about his past and his behavior in this series wasn´t consistent with how they portrayed his character in previous series and the love story with Maya didn´t work for me at all. I didn´t like series 10 except of the fact that it was Harry centric which was a good idea to make tribute to the character and I liked Dimitri there.
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11-05-2014, 01:50 PM
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RE: series ranking
So here`s my list it took a while to do this!
1.Series 5
2.Series 10
3.Series 6
4.Series 4
5.Series 7
6.Series 1
7.Series 3
8.Series 2
9.Series 8
10. Series 9

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